Example Solutions 

A company selling a product that comes with a 1 year warranty wants to extend their included “limited warranty” to a total of 5 years instead of 1 year.

The company wants to do this through a financially secure third party for several reasons:

  • The company’s internal teams can’t create a new warranty and accurately set up a reserve as fast as they need a solution.
  • The company doesn’t want to impact their balance sheet with varying warranty reserves. 
  • The company wants to book a one-time cost for the warranty without future contingent liability for claims.
  • The company wants to offer the longer limited warranty on a project by project or Promotional basis depending on each client’s specific need.
  • The need is driven by a client requirement for a longer backed warranty. 

This is a perfect solution for:

  • New Technology Products
  • Commercial Products
  • LED Lighting
  • Large Generators
  • Solar Panels
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Electronics, Appliances, Auto
  • Marine, Powersports, RV